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School Tours

The Crystal Maze is an outdoor activity venue specialising in School Tours for Primary School students and Day Tours for Youth Groups. All activities are fully supervised and are tailored to suit students ages and abilities. Upon arrival children are divided into teams and allocated a supervisor for the day to guide them as they attempt as many of the 150 physical, mental, skill and water-based challenges as possible. For each challenge successfully completed the team is awarded a crystal. At the end of the day, crystals are added together and if each team reaches the target score, the school is presented with a Crystal trophy to bring home to display in their classroom. 

You should allow 4 hours for The Crystal Maze and River Walk including breaks.

The 2024 price is €30 per person (Adults go free)


School Tours

Children should bring a packed lunch which they can leave at their allocated picnic benches until breaktimes. If teachers/parents choose, the children can visit our small shop where we sell merchandise and refreshments. In the event of a rainy day, we have shelters positioned throughout the site to make the day more enjoyable. And we have enough changing rooms to facilitate everyone to change into dry clothes before the presentation at the end of the tour.

For the Riverwalk, children will need to wear old runners, so please bring a dry change of clothes and a towel for afterwards.


We have ramps for wheelchair access and wheelchair accessible toilets. We encourage everyone to participate in as many challenges as possible and we do all we can to facilitate those who need that extra help. Challenges are tailored to suit each group, so nobody is left out.

We aim to make each school tour day a memorable experience.


We also provide a coach hire service to offer the complete package for your group. The coach hire includes return transport from your school to The Crystal Maze. And for those who want to keep the costs down we can offer a reduced rate on the bus hire for bookings in April or early May. There is a minimum booking requirement of 30 students in April, 40 students in May, and 50 students in June. You will need to contact us to find out the cost of transport from your location. See price list below

For bookings or queries send an email to with the following details.

  • Name and location of your school

  • How many students you are hoping to bring

  • Preferred dates

School Tour Bus prices for 2024 002.png
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